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Letter: Existing wells safe from new setbacks

OK, ballots are coming out, so let’s set things straight. Proposition 112 states that “any new oil and gas development must be 2,500 feet from occupied structures and other areas designated as vulnerable.” 

So all the active wells out there right now will stay as is. If you have a job related to the oil and gas business, you will still have that job after 112 is passed. And the county government will continue getting the taxes from the present drilling just like they are today. No jobs lost and no tax dollars lost from what they are today. 

So what Commissioner Jankovsky and many TV ads are saying is simply not true. And we all know the oil and gas companies aren’t going to fold up shop just because the setbacks change. 

But look for yourselves in that blue book we all got in the mail and see what Proposition 112 says. Just because an operation employs people and makes a profit doesn’t make it safe for it to be in people’s neighborhoods.

And all you young people out there, let your voices be heard and vote. Our local elections will affect our daily lives more than the national elections. So let’s get someone on our Board of County Commissioners that cares for the environment and health of the people of Garfield County, and not just the money. Vote for Paula Stepp and “Yes” on Proposition 112.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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