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Letter: Extraction company bullying our community

Rocky Mountain Resources and their treatment of our community is similar to bullies at school. They don’t obey the rules and they frequently fly under the radar. Our Garfield County commissioners are like an enabling educational administration, occasionally made aware of assorted infractions and cavalier disrespect and choosing to ignore what is happening.
Matthew Roesner in his letter to the editor had good examples of the double standard of regulations that are vigorously enforced, as opposed to the infractions this entitled extraction company commit and for which it will go unpunished. We are morphing into a society that no longer honors the social contracts of do no harm, or real contracts, or even laws. I’m sorry that many Republicans in positions of power seem to see this as acceptable.
The same shrug at trust, responsibility and representative government that we see from our local commissioners is mirrored by our president. It is the Trump attitude that taxes and the rule of law are for the little people. It is startling to see this trickle down to our own river city. How did we get here? How does it feel?
Barb Coddington,
Glenwood Springs

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