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Letter: Failure of neoliberalism

Being supportive of friends upset about the direction our nation is heading, I watched a young, talented communication major make a poster advertising a march on March 4. The question it asked was: How are you going to march forth?

Pondered this, something I’ve noticed for a very long time reared its overlooked head. This elephant in the room is both sides of the political spectrum are stuck being reactionary. Both are reacting to something systemic. The right has elected Trump as a reaction to this and the left is now reacting with protest to this fact. However, Trump is just a symptom of the larger disease we refuse to acknowledge and this is the utter failure of economic modality of neoliberalism.

For those of us stuck between the blinders of red state/blue state, liberal here doesn’t denote political affiliation but the laissez faire attribute of worldwide economic policy for the last three decades. During Bush II we called our variation neocons, while it remained neoliberalism to discourse throughout the rest of the world. Yet it is the policy both left and right have been prospering from and remaining largely in denial of the problems systemic in the boon.

This worldwide economic policy has seen the creation of huge bubbles of growth and prosperity that has caused us to Band-Aid the problems. Present immigration problems are a direct result of the immense labor needs of the bubble. This is because the bubbles pop.

Our skyrocketing national debt and parallel fact of households making ends meet only with credit card debt (because wages remain flat) is another symptom soon to flatline no matter our political solutions because it is a total system failure rather than separate issues, so all have to be addressed together.

Japan was the first for the prosperity bubble to burst. This was way back in the mid-90s, and that economy has been flatlined ever since. We are beginning to see the same in the whole of the West. Government can’t save us, so it becomes imperative our march forth is grassroots-focused handling of the disease.

Eric Olander
Glenwood Springs

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