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Letter: Family and teachers

So M.B. Johnson thinks I rant. Tsk. Tsk. Truth, though inconvenient, is nonetheless still true. And M.B., you recognized snarky.

In any case, thank you for writing; your annoyance is my gratification.

As to Josh Hejtmanek being taught (by teachers?) that teachers are an “invaluable asset.” I say teachers just do a job like the rest of us.

The credit for a job or achievement belongs to the family, where all the important learning takes place.

On the other hand, I do empathize with teachers who are asked to take the place of family and perform their instructional duties. Our society has unfortunately sped up so that parents don’t have time to raise their children and have shifted that undeserved onus onto teachers.

When my boys were in school, I didn’t want their teachers telling them how or what to think. I wanted them taught the facts and to think for themselves. When children “fail” in life the finger of blame should be pointed at parents, not teachers.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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