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Letter: ‘Fences make good neighbors’

Listening to the “unbiased” reporting, I believed there were only a few thousand Central Americans fleeing their homeland for U.S. welfare. But after reading Michael Reagan’s column in the Post Independent, (“Don’t blame border patrol,” Dec. 30) I find we’ve been overrun with over 140,000 “asylum” seekers in just the past two months. Funny how that huge number never gets mentioned in all that “unbiased” reporting.

The open-border clueless don’t bat an eye at wasting $113 billion annually on illegal aliens [according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform], but a lousy $5 billion wall is too much for U.S. security? Who’s neighborhoods do you inundate with thousands of foreign nationals? Whose U.S. jobs do you give them? How many vets live in the streets while we pay to house and feed foreign economic cowards?

I’m tired of hearing the liberals whine about our president enforcing our immigration laws. Trump just wants to take care of U.S. citizens first. Nationalism is a synonym of patriotism, according to Webster.

A nationalist wants what’s best for our country, and so should our immigration laws.

The open-border naivete would sacrifice our quality of life for misguided global idealism. The U.S. is the most generous nation on Earth, giving away hundreds of billions a year through foreign aid and charities.

We owe the world nothing except being a good neighbor. And you know what they say, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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