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Letter: Fight drugs

At Grand Valley High School in Parachute, home of the Fighting Cardinals. GV Pride is announced throughout the school, so much so that the school provided coordinating class T-shirts that say, “GV PRIDE.” But as a student there, there is nothing to be prideful about a school and community where marijuana has destroyed everything around me.

The school rule is “Do not do anything to bring disrespect to yourself, this school or this community.” That is really hard to believe that our administrators truly believe that when there have been several cases of drug usage in the school, resulting in three-day suspension. So students can do practically whatever they please and only be suspended for a short amount of time.

At Grand Valley High, we seem to be living up to our name in the worst imaginable way possible. In Parachute, there are now seven pot shops for a town of roughly about 1,500 people. Teenagers and children now have access to cannabis and are dispersing it amongst the community. There are freshman smoking joints, and sharing with juniors; juniors snorting cocaine and sharing it with seniors. Their reasons for using drugs are, “I have depression”; “It’s not bad, all it does is add to the food bill”; “It’s only once in a while”; “ My parents do it with me, so it can’t be all that bad.”

This is destroying our school, our friends, our lives, our employees, our restaurants and our community. There is so much more information and it has such a big impact in my life, and I feel like the truth about drugs needs to be told, not just suspended for three days.

Brooklyn Moore

Battlement Mesa

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