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Letter: Final pitch for Paula

As a 30-something wife, mother and community member, I’ve learned that getting involved in local politics matters. When I met Paula Stepp, she addressed the priorities and challenges my family and I have: affordable housing, health care costs, and supporting the outdoor and cannabis industries. I had never volunteered for a political campaign, but I was committed to joining Paula’s team. I’m glad I did.

Paula is thoughtful, caring and listens to all sides of an issue, considering their impact. I’ve witnessed her respectfully listen to people who stand on both sides of Proposition 112, respond to social media posts with care and concern, and focus on the issues during her campaign. No matter your political leanings or where you live, Paula treats you with respect, decency and an underlying belief that all people deserve to be heard and represented.

I support Paula’s vision of creating the infrastructure we need to diversify our economy. She knows that the best rural broadband will allow us the productivity we need to be successful. She understands that supporting the hemp industry will provide opportunities for us to lead this impactful industry. Paula’s strong business background of learning, adapting and growing with change and challenges will be an asset.

Paula’s desire to connect and collaborate with all people of Garfield County sets her apart. No community or side of the county is better than the other; everyone deserves to have their perspective considered. Our current board represents only a small portion of the diversity of the people of Garfield County. It’s important more of us are represented.

Paula demonstrated through her positive campaign, her integrity, and her willingness to listen that she will take all concerns into careful consideration.

Let’s ‘Stepp Up’ our willingness to listen to those we differ from with respect and decency. Let’s ‘Stepp Up’ our economy by diversifying and making each of our towns strong. Let’s ‘Stepp Up’ our representation and collaboration on our board, recognizing that our differences are assets, not threats. Vote Paula Stepp for Garfield County commissioner.

Dawn Randolph

Glenwood Springs

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