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Letter: Firefighter thanks

My only previous experience with firefighters has been when they are saving lives and homes through fighting fires or helping as EMTs. But this week, at Maureen Nuckols Memorial Service, I saw a different side of the department.

Under the leadership of Carbondale Fire Chief Ron Leach, his crew took over cleaning the “truck bays” until it sparkled; counting, setting up and then taking down almost 500 chairs; securing and building a beautiful riser; securing and staffing the “Tribute” podium with speakers and microphone; creating and fastening directional signs; staffing shuttles to and from the firehouse; setting up tables and decorating them with beautiful flowers; helping to direct each and every one of us on the Memorial Walk and then gently to our seats; cleaning up after most of us left; and basically standing at attention for any need of the planning committee.

With the help of Gene Schilling, Carbondale Chief of Police, police officers were also in attendance to help with parking and traffic concerns.

Maureen was a volunteer firefighter for many years. Before she passed, she requested that her memorial be held at the firehouse. I am in awe and in thanks of each and every one of the wonderful firefighters, staff, and police officers that helped us make her final wish come true. We simply could not have done it without you.

Along with the fire and police departments, many family, friends, neighbors, and musicians, were involved in making this a special day for the Lutrell Nuckols family. For all of us who loved Maureen it couldn’t have been a better celebration of her life. Thank you.

Nancy Reinisch

Glenwood Springs

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