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Letter: First, we are Americans

I was disappointed to see two recent opinions by Patrick Hunter and Richard Teague. One was very sarcastic, and the other was into name-calling. Neither gentleman is helping with the future of America. We are all Americans first and party members second.

Neither party has the answer to our future. The answer lies somewhere between the left and right. We need to stop alienating the polar party to our beliefs. Nothing is to be gained by sarcasm and name-calling. The general lack of respect between the right and left is the root cause of our political stagnation, and neither side can fix the problem on its own. Moving forward requires us to ask our leaders to move to the center.

I am not registered with either party, but my thinking does lean liberal. I have been listening to both candidates and to the various pundits, and I do not hear perfect arguments from either side. Always putting forth ideas that sound good but leaving out key details, which are quickly pointed out by the other side.

I like to converse with conservatives because they have different opinions than I do. In honest, respectful discussions, I always find that we have the same goals in mind just different ideas of how to achieve them.

If we are to move forward as a country, we all need to embrace our fellow Americans with different political views than ours and seek to understand each other. Hatred and fear are not the answer. We are soon to elect either Hillary or Trump, and if the losing side refuses to go along with the winner we will have more of the stagnant government we have all come to dislike.

My recommendation is that Richard Teague and Patrick Hunter seek each other out. If the two sat down to a civil discussion, they would most likely find that they are both really just fellow Americans.

Munro Wilcox

Glenwood Springs

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