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Letter: Fix Redstone signals

I read the Aspen Daily News article regarding the loss of the radio signal for CPR (Colorado Public Radio) and the great lengths Pitkin County is going to in order to get Aspen fans their music back.

Snowcats embarking on an “extremely narrow and dangerous 5 mile long winding road covered by heavy snow” is how the article read. Well, I live in Redstone and we get our TV signal from a translator as well. Our translator has been malfunctioning for years.

“We’re going to get it done soon.” “We don’t have access to a helicopter.” “It’s going to get done before winter.” And lately, “We’re going to get it done next summer.” Some of the platitudes we’ve heard.

If that translator was feeding a signal to Aspen residents I’m betting it would’ve been a done deal long ago, regardless of cost or danger. Well, we’ll see what they come up with next year. Thanks for your attention.

Skip Bell


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