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Letter: Flyer was a misguided attempt to distract from the real issue

(This letter was originally addressed to Katie Kennedy, Frontier Women’s Job Council)

Dear Katie:

I am writing to you as a woman, as a citizen of Colorado, as a citizen of Glenwood Springs. I am appalled that you are really that ignorant that you think the people of Glenwood Springs are not able to see right through your façade of a caring Frontier Women’s Job Council ( seriously?). The Rocky Mountain Resources mining interests that are attempting to take over our town are clearly behind your efforts. We may be rural but we certainly aren’t stupid.

The audacity of you purporting to represent the righteousness of purity and values of any women’s group is truly mind blowing. To quote your flyer, you are “sinking as low as possible” by labeling our former mayor, Leo McKinney as a misogynist. It is truly disgusting and misguided attempt to distract from the real issue. You are messing with the wrong town, the wrong valley. Your attempts to undermine the Glenwood Citizens’ Alliance are highly transparent and obviously aligned with the mining interests that are attempting to destroy our pristine environment and tourist economy.

The women of Glenwood Springs don’t want your help. We don’t want your mining. We don’t want your constant truck traffic. We don’t want your noise and visual pollution.

We want you and RMR to vacate the premises and let us continue to provide a positive, community-oriented place to live and raise our families.

Mary Noone,
Glenwood Springs

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