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Letter: Follow the money

President Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords. The agreement was signed by 194 countries.

Question: What does the Republican Party of the U.S. know that 194 countries don’t?

At what point does a reasonably rational person look around at everybody else and begin to think they themselves just might be just a little off base? For example, suppose someone leaves the house in the morning not wearing anything below the belt (except maybe in the New Guinea jungle). How long before things start to seem odd?

This is the situation the United States now finds itself in. But the worst of this situation is not that the rest of the world thinks we are incredibly stupid, but the time to try to control climate change and warming is running out. People are already dying. Millions of people are migrating, and wars are starting everywhere. It’s not just trees that are burning, but dead people are being identified by the serial numbers on their knee replacements.

Not making an all-out effort to fight climate change is tantamount to committing a crime. In fact, fossil fuel companies are now being sued by cities and states because of huge expenses for things like seawalls. There are in-house memos that prove these companies have known about climate change for decades.

The lawyers say that any time you have a crime, follow the money. Consider that a lot of the major support for the Republican Party comes from the fossil fuel sector. Campaign donations are the blood of politics in this country. Fossil fuel companies are determined to squeeze every billion dollars of profit out of their business they can before the inevitable change that is coming.

These companies have spent hundreds of millions on campaigns for politicians and for public propaganda. We see that “fracking is good for Colorado.” Short term, there is some extra cash in the state. But long term, the fossil fuel business is going to kill off humanity and most of the ecosystems. This is the biggest crime in human history.

Politicians are putting their desire to keep their jobs ahead of humanity. We have no choice but to get rid of these people.

Patrick Hunter


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