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Letter: Food choices

Remember the old joke about two carrots walking down the street? They pass a doctor’s sign on the street that says, “Walk-ins Welcome.” One carrot says to the other, “I’m not feeling too hot. I think I’ll stop in.” The other carrot waited and when the friend emerged, was asked, “How’d it go?” The other carrot answered, “No problem, but the doctor told me I’d be a vegetable the rest of my life.”

How can one animate something as common as a lowly carrot and think they have human concerns? Since when has a doctor taken walk-ins? How did the carrot pay for the services? It could go on and on, but the point of the story is the paradox of a vegetable being a vegetable.

Likewise, with a lot of things people can project into, just check out animated films: clocks, pumpkins, mice, dishes, etc. are all animated. So when it comes to health, what we project into our foods becomes the sentiment we live by. Just follow Andrew Zimmer’s “Bizarre Foods” on the Food Network. People eat to sustain their health from what’s available. Once the choices grow, some of what was available loses favor and is not so acceptable and maybe even seem strange.

The key here is that humankind has run on what it needs to get us to the present without second guessing from science. So don’t rule out what worked. With all the choices available, it’s easy to lose track of the essentials, and it’s easy to become victims of big money and misinformation, be it food, politics, drugs, etc. For example, fat does not make fat, be it those poor animated vegetables and/or animals. Watch those addictive sugars and starches.

This should be the starting point of good health care. All else is for not, and health care will escalate without good diets. Beware: Big money and greed are waiting for the blind and ignorant, whether it’s a liberal government or a greedy insurer. That’s why one should read both sides in Dr. Feinsinger’s and James Kellogg’s columns in July 17 PI.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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