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Letter: Food for thought

I have lived a full life. I have dined with Allen Ginsberg, knew Hunter Thompson by “Hunter” and fed Dr. Seuss on his last birthday.

What I have learned in three decades as a chef is that there are few arguments when people are happily chewing.

We need a return to the breakfast counter. Be brave and sit next to a total stranger, not in a booth alone. Strike up a conversion — weather is always a good start. We as locals can often tell if the person is local or “visiting.” Visitors are often in awe that we get to live here. They obviously don’t know our income to cost of living ratio, but that is another letter. Talk about living here; be a tour guide sitting in a café or diner.

Take advantage of knowing that we do live in a beautiful place, smile about that instead of frowning on today’s political news.

Don’t worry about the views of the person that you are taking to. You are not going to change their views over a cup of coffee, but you might be changed realizing that we have more similarities than differences.

We are all growing older. Most of us are working or worked hard for a living. Some are living with chronic pain or even chronic illness. We all have our scars and remember our moments of joy. We have all lost loved ones, including pets. Not all of us have children, but many do. Joy and heartbreak.

A refill please, thank you

Have another cup of coffee.

At the end of the day we are all humans. No matter how rich or how poor, we all have our struggles. I am of the belief that discontent is the mother of invention and not necessity. So, stop inventing for a moment and sit at the breakfast counter, content.

Oh and make sure you give your waiter or waitress a smile, a thank you and a generous tip. It will make you feel good.

Marco Diaz


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