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Letter: For real?

Mr. Khalsa are you for real? Do you really think the citizens of Garfield County will vote for a guy that stands around with his hands in his pockets and likes to meditate for sheriff?

What do you suggest, that we have the deputies carry plastic handcuffs and nerf guns while the criminals have real guns with real bullets? Would you take away their bullet-proof vests because you consider them fancy toys?

You claim your arrest was a brutal scenario. News flash! Getting arrested isn’t supposed to be fun. You don’t appear to have scars or broken bones. What did you do, try to resist arrest against someone who is trained to kick your butt if they need to. One way to not feel sorry for yourself after being arrested is to not put yourself in a position where you need to be arrested.

You say the war is over and military equipment and fancy toys are not needed anymore. Well, Mr. Khalsa, the war between law enforcement and the unlawful will never be over, and if our sheriff needs what you consider fancy toys to keep my family and friends in this county safe, then I say our tax dollars are being put to good use.

Bill West
New Castle

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