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Letter: Foreign, not fake, news

As a citizen of these United States of America, it alarms me that a family of foreign nationals has so much influence over us. I speak not of Russians, I speak not of Mexican kids brought here when they were 6 years old. What I do speak to is Rupert Murdoch and family, the Australian owners of Fox News — which, according to many, is “real news.” Rupert Murdoch an Australian billionaire to whom our inept president speaks for advice several times a week. That’s real news. That so many people believe news generated by foreign billionaires, speaks to so many things on so many levels that are why I believe this country is so divided. Rupert Murdoch, via Fox News, is influencing this nation in a manner such that the inconceivable has occurred in which an inept, reality TV star is president. That this is also celebrated should be a matter of concern. Every minute of every broadcast of Fox News is directed by a “foreign” entity that seeks to influence the politics, the belief system, the legislation and the discussion or lack of discussion regarding the fate of our nation. That’s real news.

Marco Diaz


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