Letter: Fossil fuel propaganda

I am responding to the two recent columns published in the Post Independent regarding fossil fuel developments in this country. The first column: “Offshore energy, strong military go hand-in-hand” by Michael James Barton published on July 14 was a column about some vague association between the military and offshore rigs. This column by Barton promoting offshore drilling is part of Trump’s dirty fossil fuel energy policy.

According to Barton, offshore drilling brings in about 16 percent of the total oil production in the U.S. Why bother? The U.S. can produce plenty of oil inland without the offshore drilling. Offshore rigs are harmful to the ocean and marine life. Besides, there are almost no regular inspections of these rigs. There probably won’t be any inspections with Trump’s cuts to the EPA.

Offshore drilling rigs are very expensive operations. One of the biggest reasons that oil companies pursue drilling offshore is due to the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies funding these operations. The idea that the U.S. needs more offshore drilling is one the most absurd propaganda schemes employed by the fossil fuel lobby.

The second column that needs a response is Glenn Vawter’s “An oil shale action plan for the 21st Century” published on July 16. Vawter is attempting to resurrect one of the most wasteful energy developments in the world. We had this conversation several years ago. In the new age of severe drought and climate change crisis, oil shale should never be considered by our government.

Remember, oil shale extraction and fracking require millions of gallons of fresh water. Colorado and other Western states should not allow any water usage for fossil fuel development during these long-term drought conditions. Today, our water should be restricted to human and agricultural use only. Oil shale and fracking should be banned.

The claims by Vawter and Barton that these fossil fuel developments will boost the economy and create thousands of new jobs are the same old propaganda schemes that the fossil fuel lobby has promoted for years.
Always remember that more drilling does not make gasoline cheaper.

Randy Fricke,
New Castle

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