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Letter: Foundation for future

Many years ago, IBM, the company I worked for, decided to lend my time out to the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), which was dedicated to providing science and math educational access to young Native Americans. IBM continued to pay my salary but I now took direction from Norbert Hill, who was chief of the Oneida Nation and executive director of AISES. Norbert was a strong believer in showing gratitude. Norbert believed it was an essential Native American attitude.

The children of Glenwood Springs Elementary School recently prepared a lunch for the workers who are building their school. It was an act of gratitude for the workers who have worked through the winter to build their new school. The children worked hard to prepare the food, cutting tomatoes and lettuce and onions for the tacos. They melted marshmallows and butter in the small microwave and mixed it with Rice Krispies to make dessert bars.

Lunch was served outdoors on tables and chairs on a gorgeous sunny day, and the workers dropped in for lunch in various shifts mixing with the children.

It was a great reminder that the new building of steel and glass is more than just another construction job; it is a foundation for the future for these children and many more to come. It was a great celebration of gratitude.

Thomas Rutledge
Glenwood Springs

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