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Letter: Fracking chemicals ‘poison’

In reference to Traci Weinbrecht’s letter June 18 about us environmentalists trying to trick the public into banning fracking: It’s simply not true. The fact is fracking chemicals are “poison“ and thousands of gallons of this poison are being pumped into the ground.

But Ms. Weinbrecht wants us to not worry about that because fracking makes money. The same money that pays her salary. There are other ways to heat your home besides using fossil fuels, but the oil and gas companies are making so much money polluting our planet, they will never invest in alternative energy sources.

Money … money … money, is always the reason used for saying its OK to pollute.

Like Ms. Weinbrecht said, do your homework and you will find that fracking fluid is deadly, so how is it OK to pump it into our environment? No matter how many jobs it creates or how much revenue it generates, it doesn’t change the fact that we need to stop all fracking if we want to have a healthy place to live for ourselves and our future generations.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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