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Letter: Free market?

House Republicans have framed their new health-care plan as a return to “free market” principles. That claim even on its face is ridiculous.

Unless fundamental changes are made to allow health-care pricing transparency, there will never be a true free market in health care. It’s not a free market if you want to buy a new TV but there are no price tags on TVs in any of the stores you go into and you don’t know how much you will be charged until after you buy the TV.

To add even more market confusion, you don’t buy the TV directly, but instead contract with a third party to buy the TV for you. And the reason you have to do that is because the price of the TV is so high you can’t afford to buy it without financial assistance. To add insult to injury, there’s no return policy or refund even if the TV doesn’t work very well. So much for a transparent “free market.”

Robert Semro
Glenwood Springs

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