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Letter: Freedom never outdated, never free

I have been listening to young people on the news stating they believe that our Constitution has become outdated. This troubles me in more ways than one, but here is something that I recently read where the author was telling a story about a 4th of July celebration.

I’ve taken some of the actual wording from the paragraph to avoid plagiarizing someone’s words but the meaning has not changed. The story tells the history of the country has been written with the blood of patriots and the sweat of farmers and laborers and men and women no different from all of us.

It began with a dream conceived by our forefathers, a dream every bit as alive and vibrant and promising today as it was to those brave patriots and still lives in our hearts, minds and souls today. The Constitution does not lay down rules. It states principles by which we have been living for hundreds of years. Sound principles even in today’s world. Maybe principles that are even far more important now that our world seems to be in chaos.

Let’s not forget what our forefathers fought for us and our country. Principles should never change on the whim of public opinion, and we need to stand firm on our beliefs as a nation with a solid Constitution. It is only those who fail to follow those principles in our Constitution that endanger our principles, not the Constitution itself.

Pamela York

New Castle

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