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Letter: From the past

Revelations from the PI archives:

“We are stuck with a ‘cool dude’ minority president who has made dozens of bogus promises he can’t deliver on, has shown himself to be a serial liar, uses the demeaning tactic of name-calling …” “ Basically he is a small-minded man without the temperament or intellect to handle his job. Let’s face it we’re all screwed with this president at the helm …”(10/11/13)

“Our president has turned out to be the greatest liar of all time. Not all liars are dangerous, but all dangerous people lie. Let’s face it, the man has a moral flaw in his personality. Don’t make excuses for him because it paves the way for totalitarianism.” (2/14/14)

“… all the scandals and outright lies he tells, he really needs to be impeached.” (11/3/13)

The above excerpts are just a few of the criticisms Stan Rachesky leveled at former President Barack Obama in the past that he now calls a “lack of respect” when directed at Donald Trump.

Sounds like a lot of hypocrisy to me. But what do I know, I’m just a “petty individual with a very narrow political perspective,” according to Mr. Rachesky.

JM Jesse

Glenwood Springs

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