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Letter: Full S. Midland fix now

With regards to funding south Midland avenue improvements, if we do not have adequate funds to do this work right (including 6-foot sidewalk and Four Mile roundabout), then we have no business entertaining dreams of a South Bridge connection.

The South Bridge master plans include a sidewalk from Four Mile out to the new Highway 82 connection. Why would we shortchange the current work section?

In light of new residential construction along the Airport Road section of Midland, I would ask the city and Garfield County to each contribute to one new 25-mph speed limit sign. One (city) for placement on Midland at the new Cardiff Mesa development and one (county) opposite near the entrance to the FBO hanger.

This is consistent with the rest of Midland Avenue, a bold new step towards the future South Bridge dream, and, most importantly, helping the current safety needs of pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists in the Cardiff neighborhoods.

Patrick Collins 

Glenwood Springs

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