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Letter: Furthermore on S. Blake

This Thursday, Feb. 1, Glenwood Springs City Council is scheduled to continue the hearing and decision regarding the proposed apartment complex by Walmart and, perhaps, the traffic considerations and routing for that area (Blake and Palmer from 26th to Walmart and Roaring Fork Marketplace.)

The decision has many implications for auto access and impacts in the area. If you have opinions about the proposals or suggestions let council know by email before Thursday.

Also, there may be continued public hearing and comments. Many residents from the area were at the last meeting and may wish to address council. If you wish to attend for information or participation show up at 6 p.m. Thursday.

This is an important project and has many transportation and neighborhood impacts.

Whatever your opinion or position, this is an opportunity to lend your voice.

Sumner Schachter

on behalf of Imagine Glenwood

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