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Letter: Future is bright

Every time I need a shot of optimism in these depressing times, I go see young people perform music, theater, art, you name it. That rejuvenates me as much as a dip in the therapy pool at the hot springs on a cold winter’s day.

I got a double shot last weekend. Friday night, Steve’s Guitars presented the Bluegrass Ensemble, one group of seven and another of five from Colorado College playing, singing and dancing to down-home, rib-kickin’ music from the heart of Appalachia.

I asked the performers, and none were music majors. They’re just talented young adults who love music.

Then, Saturday night, I was at Roaring Fork High School for the JAS Aspen-Snowmass concert featuring four jazz bands of 20 or more made up of high school students from all over the West Slope. Soloists took turns improvising like seasoned professionals. Having tried and failed to master a musical instrument myself, I know this takes talent, commitment, diligence and love of your art.

After poor showings in previous elections, millennials turned out in record numbers for the 2018 midterms and that was reflected in the number of progressive candidates elected. Three million millennials reach voting age each year, and the old stick-in-the-muds are dying off. The future is bright.

Fred Malo Jr.


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