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Letter: GarCo Libraries important part of our vibrant, educated community

I love the Garfield County Libraries and support voting yes on ballot measure 6A. Libraries have been an essential part of my life from childhood to the present.

As a child, they kept me engaged in the summer months through reading programs and fun activities that kept me out of trouble (for the most part).
As a teen, libraries provided a quiet escape from the demands of high school. They introduced me to literary fiction and the world of independent films.

As a college student, they helped me save money through interlibrary loans and borrowing from other libraries across the state. I was able to get my hands on obscure books and professional texts that otherwise would have cost an arm and a leg for reading assignments.

As an adult, the library continues to support and stoke my curiosity through providing access to a vast amount of information in a variety of formats, whether I’m interested in improving my knitting skills, reading a lighthearted novel for escape during stressful times, or trying my hand at artisan breadmaking (and failing).

The Garfield County Libraries are an important part of sustaining vibrant, educated communities, like ours, that are home to an engaged citizenry. The library is a reflection of our ambitions and potential. The staff and librarians are our friends and neighbors that care deeply about where we live, what we’re reading, and what’s happening in our towns. I know what our libraries are capable of and with a more stable source of funding, they’ll continue to provide resources for everyone in Garfield County, from entrepreneurs, job seekers, and penny-pinchers to teachers, nonprofit organizations, and lifelong learners. Vote “Yes” on 6A!

Stephanie Stocking,
Glenwood Springs

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