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Letter: Gardner a RINO?

Why aren’t all Republicans supporting President Donald Trump when they control all three branches of government? Why do they choose to sabotage  Donald Trump?

Are they in bed with the Democrats? A few Republican leaders instead of working with the president are forcing him to continuously defend himself and run the country at the same time. Not an easy task.

If these RINO’s (Republicans in name only) are successful in knocking President Trump from the presidency things will go back to the way they were. That is not what we Americans voted for.

Where is the outrage from our Republican leader in Colorado, Sen. Cory Gardner. ….or is he a RINO. And if he’s a RINO what kind of an American is he? Whose best interests does he have in mind, ours or his?

Where was he when Kathy Griffith held up the decapitated head of President Trump?

Where was he in regard to “Shakespeare in the Park,” where am assassination was scripted to resemble President Trump?

Where was the outrage regarding the FBI director James Comey leaking special records to the press?

I don’t recall hearing anything from Sen. Gardner when Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on the tarmac during the election.

I don’t recall a word coming from Sen. Corey’s mouth in regard to anything related to Hillary Clinton — no summons, no grand jury, no nothing  — yet.

Hey Sen. Gardner, are you for or against President Trump? Are you part of the effort to take down the president? If you are, then consider yourself fired.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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