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Letter: Geese and gratitude

In Ms. Toussaint’s Dec. 30 column, “The good sense God gave geese,” she says she lived through the ’70s and saw it all but now avows “these days are darker still.”

Well, I lived through the ’60s and ’70s, and those decades were a time of far greater upheaval and change than today’s tame times.

After JFK was murdered over 50,000 of America’s finest were sacrificed in Vietnam. At Kent State, National Guardsmen actually killed protesting students. That’s when entire cities were burning during the race riots, terrorists started blowing up passenger jets, and it wasn’t illegal to discriminate against anyone. Tricky Dickey spawned the DEA, and rednecks in Texas were handing out 20-year prison sentences for possession of one joint.

And these times are darker still? Drama queens will have their say, but this is a time of snowflakes and safe zones. Our inner cities are being gentrified, not fire-bombed.

God gave geese the good sense to fly in a “V” formation. Too bad he didn’t give us all enough sense to know when we’ve got it good.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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