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Letter: Get involved and get informed, America

Is American Democracy gone? No laws are being followed in the White House, no truths are being told, our freedoms are being stripped from us and Congressional Republicans are going along with this! What has happened people? Have 45% of Americans lost their minds? I think so!
I’ve written about 15 letters to the editor since March 30, 2018, frustrated with the Republican Party going along with the lies of a wannabe dictator! I’ve just about given up hope on these so-called Americans! I’ve listened to and watched on TV the religious right make fools of themselves, going along with the lies of Trump and his obnoxious slurs and name calling of everyone who doesn’t worship him and am shocked and appalled! I’m still trying to figure out what they stand for. The latest, most outrageous thing they are doing is voting on the law to take away the abortion rights of women and jailing a doctor who tries to help victims of rape and incest.

I’m thinking that I need to be one of the millions of people just sticking my head in the sand and allowing these crazy people in the Republican Party to have their own way and destroy everything that I thought America stood for.

When the present administration in Washington refuses to follow constitutional laws, lies every day to the American people and sanctions the ugly things that spew from their president’s mouth, I guess it’s time for me to just give up! I’m glad I’m as old as I am and not having to raise children in this America, where children have to be afraid to go to school, afraid they may be killed that day!

Get a grip, America, and get involved and get informed as to what is happening to your country! I’m praying hard for major changes in Washington in 2020, and I hope you are too!

Linda Carr

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