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Letter: Get the facts straight

After reading Mr. Hunter’s recent letter to the editor, I feel compelled to point out a few errors.

The Second Amendment prefatory clause refers to the militia, which at the time consisted of all adult male citizens. Not the National Guard. “Well-regulated” meant well-equipped. Hence the U.S Army being referred to as “regulars.” The operative clause says “shall not be infringed.” Pretty simple. You can read the rest of Scalia’s opinion for further analysis. Trying to somehow equate the militia to slavery is not only disingenuous, it is plain and simple race-baiting.

The Second Amendment refers to “arms,” not guns. And it turns out that private ownership of military-grade airplanes, explosive devices, drones, hand grenades and tanks is not prohibited. Many, many military airplanes are in private ownership. Even the Koch brothers have a tank just up the road. Doesn’t that just make you shake in your boots? Humvees seem to proliferate around here like rabbits.

The Orlando shooter did not use an AR-15. It was not “automatic.” And it was not an “assault rifle” by common definition.

It was asked what would the signers of the Constitution do? When faced with Islamic terrorism, they created the Department of the Navy, blockaded Islamic countries and then through a combination of naval superiority and land-based assaults, ended the threat through two wars against the Barbary States. They did not lead from behind.

If anyone would like to discuss combating terrorism without infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens, no problem, but at least get the facts straight.

Michael Stahl


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