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Letter: Getting booted

Recently I went to an appointment at All Kid’s Dental in Glenwood Springs with my family. I looked for a parking spot in the regular parking area, but they were full. At the edge of the parking lot, I found a spot and decided to back my vehicle in. As I was parking, I thought I read that parking was for A&B Bank customers only. Due to the fact that All Kid’s Dental is in the same facility as the bank I thought this would be OK.

Approximately 40 minutes later, we emerged from the office and found the vehicle booted. The proprietor of TNA Booting told me that I needed to pay him $200 cash to get my vehicle disconnected. I explained to the man that I had misread the sign and I apologized for doing so. The sign actually read “A&B Bank employees only.” We asked that he might let us go this time with a warning, but he said no. The proprietor of TNA Booting told us that A&B Bank did not pay him anything for his service; they just gave him a lot contract.

I asked the proprietor of TNA why the fee of $200 was not posted on the sign. He explained that the fee had always been $200, but he could legally charge up to $500. I contacted A&B Bank to find a constructive solution. I told the bank manager that I would be happy to open an account at their bank if they could see their way to refund my parking fee.

The A&B bank manager told me that there was nothing they could do about my issue since it is a third party that manages the parking lot and signs are posted.

If current A&B customers disagree with this policy they should express this and take their business elsewhere. Private vehicle booting is illegal in Washington state, Nevada, Hawaii and England. The attorney general of Nevada wrote “booting by a nongovernmental or non-law enforcement entity constitutes theft and tampering.” Coloradans, outlawing private booting or capping fees at $20 like a parking ticket is imperative.

Zane Sisneros

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