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Letter: Gillespie for council

I enthusiastically endorse Don “Hooner” Gillespie for the Ward 5 seat on Glenwood Springs City Council.

Mr. Gillespie and I served together on City Council during a period of major improvement in our city. We participated in the construction of a new city hall, community center, sewer plant, water system and municipal operation center. We were also involved in trying times, in city government, following the Coal Seam Fire.

As one would expect, we did not agree on every issue. However, I found Hooner to be a diligent and dedicated councilman. We might have disagreed, but I was always aware that he had the best interests of Glenwood Springs at heart. There is nothing wishy-washy with Hooner. You will always know where he stands and why. This I admire.

Hooner is a longtime resident of Glenwood Springs. He has lived here during Glenwood’s good times and its difficult times. He has experience in both being an employer and employee and gained experience from both. These experiences are extremely valuable in making the important decisions as a council person.

Hooner has the knowledge, experience and dedication to be an excellent councilperson, and I feel that Ward 5 will be in capable hands with his election.

Donald Vanderhoof
Glenwood Springs

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