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Letter: Give Trump a chance

Finally, The Aspen Times letter by Alvin Winn of Carbondale has been printed and points out: Liberals need to give Trump a chance. If you have not read this letter, please do. John Colson’s column that day is exactly the type of hype and propaganda that needs to be used for the bottom of the tray in the dog’s poop.

Mr. Winn points out exactly what all of us older Americans have been trying to get the TV media and newspapers to see how things can be turned around. Oh you can make fun of Trump’s hair and you can stand on your soapboxes and tell us that everybody was wrong in voting for Trump.

Older Americans are finally getting able to catch their breath just a little. I can’t say it’s because of putting Sen. Bennet back in, but he is starting to understand that he no longer has Obama as a safety net and he needs to start listening to the nonverbal class of people who have had enough.

Mr, Winn’s letter states it perfectly: The editors of the papers need to stop promoting the liberal agenda. Hillary lost, and it wasn’t even a close call. It may have had something to do with God and prayer — the only long, dark tunnel that most of us here in Colorado see is the eight years of Obama and all of his ignorance.

At least Trump has offered America a change in direction. No, things won’t be perfect, but since when did any of the TV media or the newspaper media or the so called riots paid for by Hillary and Soros get anyplace but in the local dump where they needed to be put? Oh, we hear from some of the die-hard politicians in Washington who can’t stand to be told they are no longer running the country with their smirky attitudes.

Trump has his hands full, all right. The people who voted him in wanted to see that policemen are given full approval to keep the peace and order in this country,

We as citizens no longer need to hide our flags. We no longer need to think that our government is coming to not only confiscate our guns but our money as well. Since when did you ever see a president who takes no salary? So perhaps John Colson needs to take a lesson in civility. Apparently he never learned that sometimes you win and some you lose.

Audrey Jane Spaulding Budzynski


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