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Letter: Give Trump a chance

It is extremely disappointing to constantly read letters and articles in our valley’s newspapers that are based on ignorance. For someone to say that millionaires and billionaires are bad people is an extremely ignorant statement. To say that Trump is a “scumball and racist” shows one’s ignorance.

Let us look at some of his appointees, Omarosa, Ben and Elaine, a Jewish son-in-law, many women in management positions running his businesses. And then to say that Schumer and Pelosi are “true heroes” is truly ignorant. Schumer is an intelligent very well-educated man but has trouble doing what is best for the USA. His comment with regard to Trump not keeping his promises during his first 40 days in office does not back up my claim that Charles is very intelligent.

Pelosi would not continue to be in the House if she were not elected by the far, far lefties of California. We, as taxpayers, would be saving money on her extreme expenses as to flying back and forth to her home rather than spending her weekends in Washington. What has she done to benefit America, check out her record before you make her out to be a hero. Additionally, Charles and Nancy, do not stand in the way of American progress unless you have good and valid reasons; help the USA progress, not hinder it.

As a conservative independent, I would like to see Trump do a good job and hope that he becomes a great president, even though he was not my choice. He is our president, let’s see what he can do before we judge him. As to the rich Americans, I believe most of them became rich because they worked hard and smart and, therefore, should be admired. They pay large amount of taxes which provides us with infrastructure, defense, police protection, schools, politicians (which I would like to see the House cut in half; send at least 100 reps home along with Nancy), etc. etc.

Dick Fitzgerald


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