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Letter: Glad Greg’s not in charge

Thank you Dr. Feinsinger for sharing with us your opinion of gun violence in the United States. I’m glad that you’re not in a position of power, because from the sounds of your opinion piece you and other believers of your same narrow ideology would be trampling all over our constitutionally guaranteed rights. I wish I could be provided with the same amount of space that you were granted. I’ll keep this short.

Firstly, the purpose of the Second Amendment was to discourage dictators and despots from seizing control of our country. Only with an armed populous can we insure our freedoms, including your First Amendment right of free speech.

Secondly, if you think Japanese culture to be so damn admirable then what do you think about their blatantly racist society? I’ve spoken to black GIs that were stationed in Japan and they all, to the man, say that minorities are openly discriminated against there. Foreigners and minorities are not allowed into many shops and have difficulty finding housing; signs being posted “No Foreigners” are common. Resident foreigners are treated as outsiders. Sorry, Japan is not an ideal role model.

Given sufficient print space I could counter all your leftist progressive opinions about gun violence. Over the years, I’ve concluded that gun violence is a mental illness and a demographic issue. Other societies and cultures have gone to extremes to limit gun possession and still they have problems with violence, substituting knives, vans, fists and feet for guns.

No country is perfect. Dr. Greg, please stay out of the gun control debate and I promise I’ll keep my opinions about the medical field and your health to myself.

Erich Vogt


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