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Letter: Glenwood not your ‘standard’

Traffic past, we all remember. Traffic present, we are living it. Traffic future … let’s craft it to benefit Glenwood.

We are grateful for the GAB project on many fronts. We were exposed to many invaluable traffic lessons. The project quickly delivered to Glenwood an alternate, difficult and painful traffic reality helping us all to experience, firsthand, undesirable and desirable conditions in Glenwood.

It is of long-term benefit to protect all invested Glenwood residents from the continually escalating population and traffic counts of our entire valley.

The vision of uncongested roadways only exists in the advertising arena or at the quiet hours. Quality of life for our residents should never be sacrificed in the quest to accommodate auto-mobility.

There is nothing “standard” about Glenwood; could it be that engineering “standards” don’t fit us? I propose as a community we think creatively and collaboratively.

The drive to ease traffic congestion in our uniquely challenged community will prove to be only short-term achievable and at a very visible, measurable and dear cost.

Giving up ground in Glenwood is not to our long-term advantage.

Joni Mitchells’ lyrics resonate for all of us today: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”

GAB lessons experienced, observed, and learned. We’ve endured some of our worst, now let’s prioritize delivering our best for our community’s future.

The residents appearing before council on Thursday, Feb. 1, deserve our support in protecting livability in Glenwood.

Diane Reynolds

Glenwood Springs


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