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Letter: Glenwood trash talk

I’m jealous of the Bonedale trash talks (Post Independent, Aug. 30). Trash trucks roar up and down my alley almost every day of the week cherry-picking a can here and a can there — noise, fumes and very costly. It’s got to be inefficient and, no pun, wasteful.

I’m told Glenwood had municipal trash services back in the ’70s. Trucks were labeled “Alfred the Packer.” What happened? The city wanted to save money, privatize, open it up to all. It was a very short-sighted move, just switching the costs and increasing the impacts.

Let’s go forward, looking back, but improve on Alfred. The city should bid, negotiate and contract with a single company with customers paying directly, just like natural gas. Snowmass got there. Carbondale is on the way. Lets join the parade.

Cheryl Brandon

Glenwood Springs

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