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Letter: Glenwood’s core has hollowed out

The easiest way to access Glenwood for the shopper is to cross the Grand Avenue Bridge and park on Sixth Street. The problem is places like KFC and Fiesta Guadalajara are marooned from prior commerce, while those on Grand Avenue are just as marooned for the opposite reason.

This leads to reflecting about how Glenwood has changed. Several generations ago everything was centered around Glenwood’s downtown. Banking, clothing, gas stations, car dealers, drug stores, theaters, hotels, doctors, and even hospitals were within the core of town. There was even such thing as diagonal parking and a city water truck that would use hot springs water to flush the winter ice on Grand Avenue.

Glenwood’s grown and so it has expanded, leaving the core hollowed out. It’s understandable that existing businesses struggle for a foothold where they are. Wish the best for this reconfiguration of downtown.

Observing the anatomically correct buffalo from parking on Sixth Street is amusing, especially when comparing it to the buffalo nickel. It seems a good metaphor for where Glenwood is.

Fred Stewart,
Glenwood Springs

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