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Letter: Glenwood’s priority should be streets

Thank you, John Korrie, for your letter on Oct. 5. 

Yes, it bothers me, too, that an enormous number of the Glenwood Springs streets are in such horrible condition. The city has gone way downhill. 

I have lived here for over 60 years and have seen many changes, some good some not so much. All the “beautification” for tourist spots and downtown is dumb, while the rest of town goes to [heck].

The chip and seal is a waste of money when in a week or two the same potholes are back or the washboard streets. Pitkin Avenue is better now, but 14 th Street is still questionable, especially on the City Market side as is the north entrance to Walmart, or the south Blake Avenue, which has been a mess for many, many years. 

I will never vote for a tax increase as our city cannot seem to know where the priorities should be. And isn’t it amazing that the city found over $5 million for streets in the 2020 budget. 

C. D. Gilliam

Glenwood Springs

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