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Letter: Good old service

In this day and age of large corporations, chain businesses and mass production, it is a joy to find excellent, personal, customer service. Recently I took my horse trailer and truck to Keith Williams at Valley Collision in the Basalt Trade Center to look at a difficult problem that required extra attention to solve. The rear door trailer latches were pulling out of the doors. To keep the doors open when loading a horse by yourself, you need these latches.

I wanted to secure the bolts on both sides of the door so there was no chance of them pulling out, but there could be no roughness on the inside for horse safety.

Keith said that he would devise something that would work. Several days later he called and said he had decided what to do, and gave me a price for repair.

The fancy trim pieces were starting to peel off my truck, and he said bring it by and he would fix that, too.

When I picked up my truck and trailer, both looked like new, the bill was very reasonable, and he even helped me hook the truck to my trailer. I appreciated Keith’s positive, helpful, friendly attitude, and wanted to thank him publicly.

Now that’s what I call customer service.

Holly McLain

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