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Letter: Good South Canyon reminder

Watching as the traffic sits due to another fire in South Canyon. I feel it’s time to write a letter.

This spring, city fathers had a lease agreement drawn up to make South Canyon into an RV parking lot for the Iron Hot Springs owner. Our City Council was willing to give up South Canyon land for this private endeavor.

When the South Canyon wildfire roared through, there were only two or three families that needed to get out. One of those was Charlotte Hood. Charlotte’s truck was literally on fire when she got to the river. She had to hold her door open to be able to see the road as it was completely engulfed in smoke and flames. It burnt the hair on her arm, and the bed of the truck.

Now, imagine 200 RVs getting out. The plan has been terminated, but there was talk about when it could be brought back for reconsideration. This plan to develop South Canyon needs to never come back to the drawing board.

South Canyon has an active fire burning underneath it. Putting hundreds of people in big bloated vehicles in that path is as shortsighted as it gets. This land needs to have permanent protection from development in ordinance.

There have been numerous clean ups and self patrol for illegal acts in the canyon. It does not take a massive development to cure the relatively minor ailments of South Canyon. It just takes the good will and good actions of a concerned citizenry.

South Canyon Coalition is working together with various supporters to construct a permanent protected open space. If you would like to help us or want more information, contact DARYLTYE55@gmail.com

Jennifer Vanian
Glenwood Springs

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