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Letter: GOP sellout

Some thoughts for fellow citizens as we watch a crotch-grabbing, racist, terrorist-supporting madman destroy our country. Those of you who voted for/created and continue to support this foul, lying idiot, tweeting on the edge of war, are apparently getting what you want: the racists’ dream, total destruction and ruin of anything propagated by America’s first black president. The Republican Party promised it to you in the beginning of Obama’s presidency and that promise has been facilitated through toleration and support of the Trump administration. At the moment, this continues, but with an increasing number of defections/firings, from/by various loyalties.

The timid rats are starting to back away on both sides. The time of finger-pointing is near. Trump is over the edge, party leadership knows it and it’s clearly time to get rid of him and as much of the blame as possible, for the massive damage to our to our worldwide national reputation, our government’s structure/operations, etc., and the violence, societal damage, racial confrontation, etc., brought about by words from Donald Trump.

We have observed, over the past several years, a loosely united/coordinated group of extreme right-wing individuals, corporations, political entities, pressure groups, etc., you name it … take a serious crack at a blatantly, out in the open, highly visible, attempt at a fascist purchase of our government. The principle vehicle has been the Republican Party. In the end, they succeeded in making good progress, but they got a twist no one could have predicted: The Donald.

We are getting a really good, out in the open look, at the sleaze/money-infested mess of the real Washington Swamp. An inconceivable snake pit of economic crime, obstruction of justice, disregard of the duties of office and the rights and needs of the American people. Numerous oaths of office have been violated here and the culpability is broad. Turning their back on the phenomenal list of grievances, offenses to the office, criminal acts, personal attacks and even treason, Republicans have again sold the people out to money and power.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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