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Letter: GOP should be ashamed

One thing, in my judgment, that makes Republicans Republican is a strong insistence on having a military second to none. As Reagan used to say, we need peace through strength. There can be no compromise with dictatorial and evil regimes.

Republicans of the 1990s lived up to this principle. They justly, and aggressively, went after the fundraising methods of the DNC’s 1996 activities. Millions of dollars, unaccounted for, flowed from Asia to the Democrats in order to curry favor with Washington. Led by former Sen. Fred Thompson, Republicans were outraged that the other party would so willingly compromise its dignity with communists for short-term political gain.

Twenty years after the probe, Republicans are now on the opposite side of the argument, looking the other way at Russia’s obvious involvement with the rise of Trump. As Donald Trump Jr. said in 2008 of the Trump organization, “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” And in the 2016 campaign, Russia of course hacked into DNC emails.

Just think about it, how upset would we have been if Barack Obama benefited, perhaps knowingly, from Communist China hacking into the RNC’s 2012 emails? We’d call it treason and demand severe punishment. Now that it’s on the other side, we’re looking the other way?

We’re the party that is supposed to be strong and unblinking in our support of religious freedom and free regimes. I say this because it was only last summer that Russia gave its state church a monopoly on religious practice, banning, in many cases, the sharing of faith in private homes or online. Does anybody remember that’s why we came to America in the first place, to escape the dictates of the Church of England? And now we Republicans are cozying up with people who embrace such practices. And we’re not doing so out of any national security need, but only doing so to obtain power for power’s sake. We should all be ashamed.

Shortly before being inaugurated in 1861, the founder of our party, Abraham Lincoln, said, in Philadelphia, that he hoped the sentiment found in our Declaration of Independence gave “liberty” not only to our own people, “but, I hope, to the world, for all future time.” In making friends with such an illiberal regime, we not only bastardize the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, we make false the entire premise of the Republican Party and its commitment to freedom and liberty. Let us hope our better angels help us change course.

Alex Beinstein

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