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Letter: Greater good

James Kellogg, just when I thought you might have turned the corner, you fall back on the standard cliches. First of all, “death and taxes” is humor. Billionaires would say it with intended irony, as they wrote the tax code as mere millionaires. Second, you use the Declaration of Independence as if it were a policy memo rather than what it is: an act of sedition. And being an act of sedition, the phrase about inalienable rights is essentially saying we are equal to the king.

The “all men” are our aristocracy and not the rabble roused to create the necessary cannon fodder. That revolution happened in Haiti, and look what the rich and powerful have made of that country — when one or two billionaires could actually turn it into a thriving nation if their worth wasn’t so tied to tax-dodging schemes.

The other revolution of note is the French, whose upper class sparked the revolt because the monarchy, who had helped us win our independence, had accrued enough debt it was jeopardizing their financial standing. Seeing it was the French Enlightenment ideals that inspired the Americans, they figured it was time.

Many of the church people on the right will go on to claim America was founded solely on biblical principles, which of course would tell you we do have the inalienable right to everything beyond our freedom of choice that provides for the well-being of the community and (with the New Testament) that of our neighbors and their varying and different communities. In fact the Jesus pages tell all Christians to put the well-being of others before ourselves. There is a little parable about it.

There is a little ditty about taxes as well. It says don’t complain about rendering onto Caesar what is needed for Caesar to function for the well-being of the diversity of God’s creation, that being the whole of the human race; nature. Not thanking ourselves for undermining its ability to want not, with our fundamental freedom to pursue the immortality of wealth that today is confused with family and community valued.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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