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Letter: Greatness in family focus

When this government decides that investing in the family collective over corporate collectives, then and only then will America be great.

From the first time a European male stepped on the shores of this country, there was no respect for those who already called this land their home. There was no respect for their children, their families or traditions.

All the European saw was a real estate deal directed at their own financial needs. Now, 242 years later, we see and feel the outcome. Homelessness, working poor living out of cars with children, while oversized mansions sit empty, some taken over by banks and left to decay all over the United States, not to mention low-income housing as non-existent when you do the math.

Rent should be a third of your salary, so if the average work week of 40 hours at $15 — if you are so lucky to have 40-hour work week as most employers don’t give 40 and make everyone part time to avoid insurance obligations — your rent should be around $800 for your family, and that’s not happening.

Then we have the Department of Forestry and BLM running through the woods like gladiators, with guns and utility vests to harass and be abusive to those who have no choice but to live indigenously, and government has manufactured this into a crime.

Manufactured crime is victimless crime created by government to support fines, fees and prisons for profit, and many of those fines and fees came from families who are already struggling. Focus on the mental and physical health of the family, all families, and then and only then, will America be great.

Louwanna Clark


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