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Letter: Greatness includes immigrants

Please, please, please, let’s be civilized. This is not the time for taunting and aggression toward people of certain races. It is important to remember that the vast majority of Hispanics are here legally and are contributing to American society equally to any “white” person. It is not possible to distinguish legal immigrants from those here illegally by looking at them or hearing them.

Remember that this country is built on immigrants and unless you are a Native American, you too are of immigrant stock. To make America “great again,” we need immigrants and their children. It is immigrants who made this country great in the first place.

We are an aging society with not enough children of our own to take care of us. There simply is no way forward without immigration, as has always been the case. Let us not make Hispanics unwelcome. They are hardworking (and, yes, they are willing to do jobs that most white folks turn their noses up at — like cleaning toilets), religious and family-oriented with lots of children.

Under Obama we have expelled more than 2.5 million aliens, which is more than any president before him. Trump has said he wants to build a wall to keep them out in the first place, which sounds good but is just not realistic. People enter our country illegally because they are desperate, and there is no wall that will hold back desperate human beings.

What is needed is a much better work visa path for workers to come here and do the jobs that exist because white folks don’t want do them. Then a reasonable path to citizenship. I believe that Trump understands this as did Obama.

Now that Republicans have control and their obstructionist commitment of “Don’t let Obama get anything done” is finally coming to an end, we will be able to do many of the things Obama was trying to do all along: investment in infrastructure, a solution to illegal immigration and restructuring of affordable health care so that it works.
We have had a divisive election, and it is up to all of us to listen to each other and maintain civility toward all human beings.

Munro Wilcox
Glenwood Springs

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