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Letter: Gullibility of electorate

RE: Stan Rachesky’s dumb and dumber:

Stan, you accuse Democrats of creating chaos and saying Republicans stole the election. Where to you get your facts? Or do you simply make them up like your new mentor? Funny how you don’t seem to notice your bandleader’s midnight tweets about widespread voter fraud, none of which have any basis in fact. We have not and are not accusing anyone of having stolen the election. Trump is simply the sorest winner in the history of politics.

The chaos you refer to in the filling of important advisory roles in his administration is Trump’s own doing. It is clear as can be (as several in his campaign have admitted), Trump did not really believe he would win, and didn’t even prepare for that eventuality in having even a long list for his various Cabinet posts.

What Democrats are pointing out is the role that Russian hackers played, the role that partisan hacks like James Comey played and the role that BS news sites played. No election was stolen. As I’ve stated before, we all knew the rules of the Electoral College and the popular vote.

What is most troubling about this election is the level of gullibility of the electorate. Fact checkers had to burn the midnight oil with a seemingly never-ending stream of totally false garbage coming from the alt-right sites and the Republican candidate himself.

My personal favorite: pizzagate. If you are so gullible, so unskeptical, and so (well, Stan’s got the word for it) dumb that you even feel the need to fact check a story of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta running a child prostitution ring from a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor, then we are in trouble. When someone shares that story and passes it on to their social media friends, and is then selected as the new administration’s national security adviser, we are in serious trouble.

Stan should look in the mirror and review all of Trump’s campaign promises and rhetoric for a basis in reality. And maybe think a moment before calling someone else dumb.

Bob Shettel


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