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Letter: Gun control won’t increase safety

My view on gun control is best told by a sign I own. It says, “Turn in your guns” on top, and underneath it reads “The government will take care of you,” while in the middle, four solemn looking Native Americans stare out at you.

All you hysterical, anti-gun idealists won’t increase anyone’s safety by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy guns. Just like we’ve increased security at airports, sporting events, concerts and court houses, we need to increase security for our school children.

As sad a commentary on society our need for security is, it is the reality we must face. Had there been a few teachers with concealed carries in that Florida school, maybe 17 people would not have died.

And on another note, all you whiny, sore-loser, “progressive” ninnies fearing the end of democracy because your cuckold candidate Clinton didn’t win are nothing more than “Chicken Little” run amok.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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