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Letter: GWS solar spoof

You read and read in the PI about the Roaring Fork Valley going green, green, green. Meetings, education, promotions, rebates, CLEER, yada yada. Well, don’t be fooled by any promotional BS regarding clean energy — if “clean energy” is solar and you are a customer of GWS Electric.

You think: If I go solar (awesome) and generate (free) electricity (awesome), I’m a greenie. And, if I generate more electricity than I use (awesome) — I get a payback on my overage by putting it back on the grid (totally awesome). Right? Wrong.

If you live in Glenwood Springs, you have to pay Glenwood Springs Electric to put energy back on the grid. And you also have to pay Glenwood Springs Electric for the solar energy you produce (unless you are grandfathered in from some bogus timestamp 6-12 months prior).

City Council is aware of this issue and is “working on it.” So they know.

But I don’t think most of the residents of Glenwood know — and it is a ruse to portray Glenwood as solar-friendly. This is a hidden issue that needs to be realized. Don’t be fooled. And any PI article touting kumbaya solar energy should reiterate this ruse with respect to Glenwood Springs Electric — so as not to fool Joe Citizen of Glenwood.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs


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