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Letter: Halt illegal camping above town

I am urging the Glenwood City Council, the police department and the BLM to take effective steps to stop illegal camping within the city limits

I am especially concerned about the camping activity right above the lower Boy Scout Trail. This location is convenient to illegal campers given the close proximity of the Extended Table dinner service, the Feed my Sheep day center and the public library.

Late last fall the Glenwood PD posted a prominent “Forbidden to Camp “ sign at the entrance of the Scout Trail, and just before the onset of winter I coordinated a camp cleanup workday with patrons of Feed my Sheep and the city park department.

Altogether, we hauled out two full pickup loads of discarded camping gear and plain trash. The severe degradation of the steep hill sides, vegetation and trees is all too evident — crudely cut camping  platforms, informal trails and fire pits have left lasting scars.

After the fall cleanup and the “No camping” sign I hoped illegal camping would end. Not so. On a recent spring mud hike I saw several active camps and stashes of covered camp gear awaiting return of campers. Most worrisome was the extreme danger of wildfire. To wit, I filled  a small bucket with cigarette butts and saw a small propane tank apparently for cooking or heating.

While decisive action by city and law enforcement is essential, I urge upon homeless campers that they are not exempt from civic duties and obligations to help ensure the public safety of Glenwood Springs, their host city. Please obey our local laws and respect these camping restrictions.

Gerry VanderBeek

Glenwood Springs

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